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Piezo Technique – New Technology in IVF Treatment

Piezo Tekniği

The piezo method in IVF treatment is a new method applied for patients who have never been fertilized before, have a low fertilization rate and therefore cannot transfer embryos. In this method, ultrasonic vibrations are used to more easily remove the eggs present in the ovaries and fertilize these eggs more precisely. The Piezo technique, […]

What Is Low Egg Reserve?

Zayıf Yumurta Rezervi Nedir?

Every girl child is born with a certain egg reserve. The young girl, who lays one egg every month with the entry into puberty, continues to ovulate until menopause. For this reason, the reproductive period between adolescence and menopause is called the age. This congenital egg reserve may decrease depending on many factors such as […]

Ovarian Cysts

Yumurtalık Kistleri

Problems with the ovary can cause infertility or they can disappear spontaneously without requiring treatment in various cases. However, in some cases, ovarian cancers that can be life-threatening may also occur. The ovarian cyst usually does not give symptoms when it settles in the abdominal cavity. For this reason, it is necessary to examine the […]

Egg Development, Cracking and Yield Enhancement Techniques

Yumurta Geliştirme, Çatlatma ve Verim Arttırma Teknikleri

Egg enhancement treatment The main condition for successful results from IVF treatment is the creation of a healthy embryo. Naturally, for this, first of all, healthy and alive sperm and eggs must exist. In this context, at the beginning of the treatment, the ovarian suppression medication is started to be used on the 21st day […]

What Is Turner Syndrome?

Turner Sendromu Nedir?

Turner syndrome, a condition that only affects women, occurs when a sex chromosome (X chromosome) is missing or partially absent. Turner syndrome can cause a variety of medical and developmental problems, including short stature, failure to enter puberty, infertility, heart defects, certain learning disabilities, and societal adjustment problems. Turner syndrome can be diagnosed before birth, […]

What is TupbebeX ID?

TupbebeX ID Nedir?

Chip Electronic Witness and Security System for centers performing IVF treatment. TupbebeX is an electronic security system that controls the matching of sperm and egg samples of patients undergoing IVF treatment with wireless chips and the verification – matching of data wirelessly at all treatment stages (sperm test, egg collection, egg tracking, egg and sperm […]

State Support (SSI) for In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Tüp Bebek Tedavisinde Devlet Desteği (SGK)

Our center provides services within the scope of State Support (SGK) for In Vitro Fertilization Treatment. Our clients who want to start in vitro fertilization treatment can benefit from government support if they meet the necessary conditions. What are the necessary conditions to benefit from state support? Age limit for in vitro fertilization treatment: There […]

Is it possible to have sexual intercourse in IVF treatment?

Tüp Bebek Tedavisinde Cinsel İlişkiye Girilebilir mi?

One of the many questions that couples ask during fertility treatments is whether sexual intercourse can be engaged in IVF treatment. Sexual intercourse is linked to increased uterine infection in late pregnancy, and lower clinical infection of the upper reproductive system is associated with poor IVF embryo transfer result. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a […]

What is IVF Treatment?

Tüp Bebek Tedavisi Nedir?

IVF treatment is a treatment method that increases the chance of pregnancy in couples who normally have little or no chance of pregnancy. The first IVF in the world was born in England in 1978. In Turkey, the first IVF birth took place in Ege University in 1989. Today, many couples can have children with […]

Can Sperm Count Be Increased?

Sperm Sayısı Artırılabilir mi?

Can sperm count be increased? The ejaculatory fluid that the man gives for analysis is called semen. But not all of this ejaculatory fluid is made up of sperm cells. A large part of this fluid is called the plasma area in which the sperm cells are located. This part is the main liquid part. […]

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