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Sperm Sayısı Artırılabilir mi?

Can sperm count be increased?

The ejaculatory fluid that the man gives for analysis is called semen. But not all of this ejaculatory fluid is made up of sperm cells. A large part of this fluid is called the plasma area in which the sperm cells are located. This part is the main liquid part. Sperm are a very small part of the whole semen. The sperms in this liquid are counted by means of a microscope. Thanks to this, the concentration and the total number of sperm are determined.

  • The total number of sperm in the semen given by the man: Total sperm count.
  • The number of sperm in 1 milliliter of semen given by the man is: This is called sperm concentration.
  • Sperm test (spermiogram) is performed to increase sperm count, to determine other functions such as sperm motility and shape.

If the patient’s sperm count is low, the chance of achieving pregnancy in couples is low. At this stage, the question of how to increase the sperm count comes up

So, how to increase sperm count?

In order to increase the number of sperm, products that are promoted or offered for sale as sperm duplicators should not be in demand. Products that have not been scientifically proven to multiply sperm and do not have information about harm to health should be avoided. At this stage, it is necessary to take a urology specialist treatment and use the medications recommended by the urologist. Not every patient will benefit from this. Since pregnancy cannot be achieved in the normal way in patients with very low sperm count, the medication given should be kept in a certain time interval in order to increase sperm quality and IVF treatment should be performed as soon as possible. Apart from medications, it is very important for the patient to pay attention to the diet and to engage in physical activities. However, it is necessary to stay away from the factors that reduce sperm count. Smoking is the most important factor that leads to a decrease in sperm count. In addition, bad habits such as alcohol, obesity, drugs and harmful to general health also lead to a decrease in sperm count.

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