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Patients Coming from Out of City

Clients who want to apply to our clinic can contact us via our contact page. Our colleagues at our call center will give you all the details about the process.

When you physically apply to our clinic, preferably on the 1st or 2nd day of your menstrual period; Preliminary interview, examination, due diligence and completion of missing tests will take place. When you start treatment, your stay in Ankara will be around 18-20 days on average. What we want to see in your first examination: spermiogram, HSG (uterine film), genetic tests if you have blood tests done in the last 6 months, surgery reports and epicrisis of your previous in vitro fertilization attempts.

You must also come with a marriage certificate. For our guests who prefer to keep their stay in Ankara short, we have doctors in some cities who can perform follow-up and examinations.

It may be sufficient for our patients to come to our Center and stay for approximately 7 days for egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. There is no harm in our patients traveling the day after embryo transfer. You can travel by car for up to 6 hours. For longer distances, we recommend that you choose air travel.

In case of pregnancy, expectant mothers can continue their follow-up in the city they live in. There are hotels that we will direct our patients to stay in.

Transportation Information:

  • Distance of our center to the Airport: 32 km, approximately 40 minutes
  • The distance from our center to the Bus terminal is 7.2 km, approximately 13 min.

You can contact Centrum IVF Center for more detailed information.

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