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Düşük Over Rezervi

Ovarian reserve can be revealed by some hormones or ultrasound from the blood. But the most valuable tests today are counting the follicles in every 2 ovaries during the menstrual period and the Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH).

By looking at these tests, it is possible to comment on the current situation and identify females in critical condition. And these tests are quite easily applicable and accessible. If there are risky situations mentioned above, it is very important to have these tests done without losing time.

Otherwise, it may be too late. If the tests show a reduced or depleted reserve, there is no need to panic immediately. After a certain period of time, it is best to repeat the tests and take precautions if we encounter the same reduced values.

What should we do if there are reduced reserves? What shouldn’t we do?
First of all, it should be noted that; It is not possible to increase or decrease the reserve with certain foods. A balanced diet and smoking cessation should be the main precautions.

If there is no plan to have a child in the near future, but there is a limit or reduced ovarian reserve, egg freezing can be performed within the framework of legal regulations.

Competent and experienced centers in this regard are located in our country. However, it is very important that this issue is not exploited. We really need to identify women who are at risk, give them the right counseling, and offer egg freezing to women with low ovarian reserve.

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