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Yumurta Geliştirme, Çatlatma ve Verim Arttırma Teknikleri

Egg enhancement treatment

The main condition for successful results from IVF treatment is the creation of a healthy embryo. Naturally, for this, first of all, healthy and alive sperm and eggs must exist. In this context, at the beginning of the treatment, the ovarian suppression medication is started to be used on the 21st day of the woman’s menstruation.

The desired result to be obtained with these medications used for about 2 weeks; is that the ovaries do not produce eggs during this period and much more eggs can be obtained than normal after using egg-enhancing medications. These medications, which can be applied with an injector around the woman’s navel, from the arm to the subcutaneous, are also available in the form of nasal sprays.

The patient can use these medications on her own at home in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. On the 3rd day of menstrual bleeding, egg-enhancing medications are started. Egg-enhancing medications performed from the buttocks into the muscles or under the skin from the arm provide the formation of a large number of egg cells in the ovaries. While egg-enhancing medications are used, ovarian suppression medications continue to be used. In the use of this dual medications, which lasts about 12-13 days, a doctor is visited every 2 days on average, hormone test and ultrasound examination are performed in the blood. Thus, the proliferation and growth of eggs are monitored.

Egg cracking injection

When the desired number and size of eggs are obtained with egg enhancement treatment, if the hormone levels in the blood are also favorable, an egg cracking injection called HCG is performed. An egg cracking injection is an injection made for the purpose of maturing eggs. Although it is called egg cracking injection, the injection does not crack the egg. Because the eggs will already be collected by the OPU method, that is, the sacs of the eggs are pierced with a thin injection and the eggs are removed by vacuuming.

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