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What is the method of uterine resting?

Uterine resting is the process of freezing the embryos without transferring them after they are obtained, thus purifying the uterus from its hormones in the treatment process. As a result of freezing the embryos, no transfer is made and thus the uterus is rested.

To whom is the uterine resting method applied?

It is a method applied especially in women whose number of eggs collected is over 15 to 20, whose hormones are very high during the treatment, who have the risk of water collection called OHSS, who have some problems in the uterus with the effect of hormones during the treatment, who have polyps, whose uterus has become too thick or whose uterus has not reached the desired level.

How long should I wait for the uterus resting method?

After waiting a month or two after the treatment cycle in which the embryos were obtained, a retransfer plan can be made, but this period may be longer.

Is the uterus resting method more successful than the fresh transfer technique?
This is not always the case. Especially in women who collect a lot of eggs and whose hormones have increased a lot, this technique is used and the rested uterus is then reconstructed. The structuring process is performed using hormones or natural egg monitoring. After reaching sufficient thickness, an embryo transfer plan can be made.

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