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TupbebeX ID Nedir?

Chip Electronic Witness and Security System for centers performing IVF treatment. TupbebeX is an electronic security system that controls the matching of sperm and egg samples of patients undergoing IVF treatment with wireless chips and the verification – matching of data wirelessly at all treatment stages (sperm test, egg collection, egg tracking, egg and sperm processing (ICSI), embryo transfer process, embryo and sperm freezing procedures).

How Does TupbebeX Work?

The system works with the RFID system, which are wireless electronic radio waves. The Patient Card given to the patient at the beginning of the treatment is matched with the wireless disposable labels to be used during the treatment. Whether in the laboratory or in the operating room, all procedures are verified wirelessly. At the same time, all disposable materials used have patient-spouse name and patient number labels on them.

The procedures in the laboratory are carried out only by authorized personnel. During the procedure, the patient has information about the procedures from the LCD screen in the operating room and sees the identity information. The patient reinforces the safety by seeing the information on the LCD panel. TupbebeX Laboratory staff can enter patient-related data into the system using touch panels. All transactions, staff, date-time, transaction type, etc. all transaction information is recorded on the main system.

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