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Piezo Tekniği

The piezo method in IVF treatment is a new method applied for patients who have never been fertilized before, have a low fertilization rate and therefore cannot transfer embryos.

In this method, ultrasonic vibrations are used to more easily remove the eggs present in the ovaries and fertilize these eggs more precisely. The Piezo technique, which is used in many stages of IVF treatment, is first used to collect eggs in the ovaries. An injection is then inserted into the woman’s ovaries and the eggs are removed using a piezo tube.

The collected eggs are brought together with the sperm in the laboratory environment and the sperms are combined with the eggs by using a piezo tube. Finally, the embryos are transferred to the uterus. When transferring embryos to the uterus, it is possible to place them more precisely with the help of a piezo tube.

With this method, it is aimed to increase the success rate of IVF treatment by 10%. Even in the best centers of the world, the success achieved as a result of an application is at a maximum of 50%. Here we see that the most effective factor is embryo development, and a better quality embryo is formed by an electrical system called piezo.

With this method, which is a new hope for those who want to be a mother and father, a better quality embryo formation is provided by giving electricity to the sperm and egg in IVF treatment.

Both the membrane of the egg and the sperm neck are activated by giving a minimum level of Piezo electricity, the calcium channels start to work better.

In this treatment method, the patient’s history is very important, it has resulted in miscarriages, has had bad results in the past, so it is a good option for our patients in terms of pregnancy.

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