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State Support (SGK) for In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Our center provides services within the scope of SSI. Our clients who want to start in vitro fertilization treatment can benefit from government support if they meet the necessary conditions.

Requirements to benefit from state support.

Age limit for in vitro fertilization treatment:

There is an age limit to benefit from SSI support. The woman must be over 23 years of age and not less than 41 years old.

Marital status:

In order to benefit from SSI support, couples must be officially married for at least 3 years, and they must not have children from their current marriage. If the sperm count is below 5 million or if women have low egg reserve (AMH value must be between 1 and 1), marriage is not required.

Bonus day:

One of the couples must be insured for at least 5 years and complete 900 working days.
You can get detailed information about the discount rates you will benefit from with your SSI Report from the financial affairs department of our institution.

In order for our clients diagnosed with unexplained infertility to receive state support, in addition to the above conditions, they must have had at least 2 vaccinations (IUI) with state support.

Required documents:

  • ID photocopies
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate
  • Certificate of birth registration copy
  • 3 spermiogram results from the last year, performed at least 15 days apart
  • Document showing that you have been vaccinated twice before
  • List of medications to be used
  • Photograph
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