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What Is a T-Shaped Uterus?

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T-Shaped Uterus

The T-shaped uterus is the trace of the inner layer of the uterus slightly narrower from the sides, that is, roughly in the form of the letter T.

How is the T-shaped uterus diagnosed?

It is suspected by ultrasound, but the definitive diagnosis is made especially using three-dimensional ultrasound. MRI is also helpful in diagnosis.

What clinical consequences does a T-shaped uterus cause?

As it will not create any negative results, a real T-shaped uterus that is very flattened especially from the sides can make it difficult to conceive, create recurrent early pregnancy losses or cause premature births.

How is the treatment of the T-shaped uterus performed?

With the optical system we call hysteroscopy, the uterus is entered and the flattened and thick side walls are expanded, The purpose here is to expand the internal volume of the uterus. Here, office hysteroscopy, that is, smaller diameter instruments, can be used, as well as operative, ie larger diameter instruments, and the side walls can be cut with the help of cautery.

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