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What is the symptom of myoma, what are the methods of protection from myoma?

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Miyom Belirtisi Nedir, Miyomdan Korunma Yöntemleri Nelerdir?

Myomas are non-cancerous tumors that develop in the smooth muscle tissue of the uterus that can settle in the cervix and uterus. Although the tumor can be perceived as cancer among the society, the risk of myomas turning into cancer is very low Myomas are a problem seen in women of reproductive age. They have a round structure and have a color close to pink. Approximately 3% of women of reproductive age have myoma structures.

Myomas are most common between the ages of 35-45. Although myoma in adolescent girls is quite rare, the risk of myoma increases with age. However, since fibroids tend to grow with the hormone estrogen, they can grow during pregnancy. During menopause, the production of estrogen hormone decreases, so it can shrink spontaneously. The myoma is based on the place where it is located when giving symptoms. Each myoma has different symptoms.

What are the symptoms of fibroids?

Myomas may not give any symptoms in various situations. For this reason, it is usually detected by chance in routine controls. However, in some cases, fibroids may give symptoms according to their location. For this reason, a specialist can be visited due to bleeding, pain or different conditions. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive gynecological examination to detect fibroids.
However, myomas should be in appropriate places and appropriate sizes to be detected by examination.

Symptom of myoma:

Excessive bleeding during menstrual periods, anemia, bleeding after and between menstrual periods, enlargement in the abdomen and uterus, pain during sexual intercourse, pain in the waist and coccyx, frequent urge to urinate, obstruction of the tubes (in some cases, fibroids can cause obstruction of the tubes).

A different symptom of myoma, myomas also cause constipation due to the pressure they create in the intestines.

How long to wait after a myoma is diagnosed?

Myomas can lead to different problems according to their size, number and growth rate. However, since each woman’s metabolic rate and immune system are different, the severity of the symptoms she creates varies. Myomas tend to grow due to the hormone estrogen. Since the production of estrogen hormone decreases during menopause, the growth of myomas stops and they go to shrinkage.

After myoma surgery, the risk of myoma re-appearance in the body is quite high. Even if myoma surgery is performed in various cases, micro-sized myomas may remain and grow over time and cause various problems again. Myomas are kept under strict control before surgery. If the fibroids are small-scale, it may be sufficient to keep them under control without surgery. However, if it causes serious symptoms and disrupts the patient’s daily life, surgery may be required.

Is it possible to prevent myoma?

There is no known method of preventing myoma. However, early detection is important because it is easier to keep small fibroids under control. However, it has been found that the incidence of myoma is higher in sedentary and overweight women. In this case, the activity status of the muscles is very important. The most effective measure that can be taken to prevent fibroids; to control weight and ensure the bulky areas are active.

Myoma treatment

If the fibroids are small, do not cause serious problems for the woman, it is enough to keep them under control. In this case, it is necessary to constantly check and use medication. If the fibroids are small, these fibroids are easier to control and control with medication. Surgical operations can be required for large myomas.

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