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Erkeklerde Kısırlık (Infertilite) Nedir?

Male Infertility In 25% of couples who cannot have children, only male-related disorders are seen, and in 40-50% of couples, both female and male disorders are seen together. Semen analysis (spermiogram) is one of the examinations that should be performed depending on the man. Along with sperm count and motility, the morphological structure (external appearance) of sperm cells is also important. In the research on sperm analysis, it was revealed that sperm analysis of the same man in various time periods showed different results. Therefore, 2-3 spermiogram tests may be required to obtain healthy results.

Spermiogram (Sperm Analysis)

Spermiogram (sperm analysis) is a test that evaluates the number, movement and shape of sperm. In this test, the ratio of normal sperms to abnormally shaped sperms, the amount of sperm with good movement, the volume of the semen sample, liqueffaxion, the presence of leukocytes, color, fructous amount, pH are also evaluated. Classification is made according to movement types and light is shed on the treatment. It is recommended that this analysis be performed with at least 3 days of sexual abstinence. In order for the test to give accurate results, the sperm sample must be delivered to the laboratory within 1 hour. Preferably, the sperm sample should be given in close proximity to the laboratory. For this purpose, there is an area where sperm samples can be given in the centers where the analysis is performed. Several different sperm evaluation criteria are used. One of them is the Kruger criteria. It is a method that evaluates especially for sperm deformities. After a special staining, the shape (morphology) characteristics of the sperm are examined and the effect on fertility capacity, for example, is determined. According to the results of sperm analysis, at least 2 different sperm samples made at 1 month intervals should be examined in order to make the ideal decision. If a problem is detected in the sperm analysis, the man is examined physically and hormonally.

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