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Sperm analysis is important in terms of working in a laboratory equipped with the latest technology and specialized in infertility.

The male candidate gives the sperm sample by masturbation and transmits his sperm to the relevant team in a sterile container. The semen should then be analyzed within an hour to obtain the most accurate results.

Semen analysis measures the quality, quantity, number and other parameters of the semen produced by the male. It’s the first test done to help determine if you have a problem having a baby. More than 40% of couples who are unable to have children (infertile) are due to sperm problems.

The sperm count checks to see if there are enough sperm. In sperm analysis, the number, motility and shape characteristics (morphology) of the sperms produced by the patient are evaluated. According to the results of this, the obstetrician decides on the treatment to be applied to the couple. (Insemination, IVF, etc.)

Some men have no sperm at all, this condition is called Azoospermia. In such cases, different treatment approaches can be planned.

What is looked for in sperm measurement?

Total volume:

2 -5 milliliters is a normal volume. A volume that is too low indicates that the seminal vesicles are not producing enough fluid or that these ducts may be blocked. It may also indicate a problem with the prostate gland.

Sperm count:

The normal range of sperm count per liter is between 20 million and 300 million. Numbers below 10 million are considered low.

Mobility (motility) and Speed:

The motility of the sperm is as important as the number.

Percentage of motile sperm relative to percentage of total sperm (between 0-100%, at least 50% should be motile)

The quality of sperm movement (evaluated on a scale of 0-4 points, 2 or more are considered normal)


According to the WHO (world health organization), at least 30% of cells should have a normal shape.

Kruger morphology test (Strict criteria)

Examines the shape and size of the sperm head. Men with less than 4% of normal-shaped sperm can have significant infertility problems.

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