Nature of Caregiving

Nature of Caregiving
Caregiving takes many forms. Many of us help older, sick, or disabled family members and friends every day. We know we are helping, but we don't think of ourselves as caregivers. We are glad to do this and feel rewarded by it, but if the demands are heavy, over time we can also become exhausted and stressed. We think we should be able to handle caregiving roles on top of busy work and family schedules and begin to feel guilty and depressed as our stamina wanes.

Proximity to power has an unsurprising ability to mutate a politician’s spinal cord into bright yellow jelly.
― Tariq Ali

Nature of caregiving

About 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid, "informal" care each year for adult family members and friends with chronic illnesses or conditions that prevent them from handling daily activities such as bathing, managing medications or preparing meals on their own. (Source: www.caregiver.org)
Fills visit dead space.
Exposes the hidden agenda.
Respects the parent’s opinion.
Gives me alternative ideas.
Clinical interview questions
Planning a medical scheme.

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