Training Facilities for Clinicians and Embryology Staff (Hands-on/off) - Ankara Tüp Bebek Merkezi - Centrum Clinic

Training Facilities for Clinicians and Embryology Staff (Hands-on/off)

Training for Embryologists & Clinicians

Our clinic has been providing services in the field of reproduction techniques for about 18 years, and has hosted many seminars and training programs to date. Thanks to a fully equipped training room and educational equipment in the laboratory, both theoretical and practical training** are provided by experienced physicians and embryologists.

To date, we have completed 2 major training courses for international participants.

-Clinic Applications:

In this section, important points in the field of reproductive techniques are explained by our experts in both theoretical and practical ways, and discussed in terms of cases:

  • Basic infertility assessment
  • Approaches in infertility treatment according to diagnosis
  • Patient selection and appropriate ovarian stimulation in intrauterine insemination
  • In vitro fertilization and ICSI cycle ovulation induction protocols and cycle monitoring
  • Avoidance methods of ovarian hyper-stimulation
  • Protocols in fresh and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Patient preparation and important points in oocyte collection process
  • Important points in embryo selection
  • Technique of embryo transfer
  • Luteal phase support

-Embryology Applications:

In this section, the basic practices in the embryology and andrology laboratory are explained practically by the experienced embryologist group:

  • Basic andrology training
  • Techniques in semen analysis
  • Techniques of IVF and ICSI processing
  • Techniques of sperm selection
  • In vitro maturation techniques
  • Embryo vitrification and thawing protocols
  • Co-culture applications
  • Pre-implantation genetic biopsy techniques
  • Oocyte activation techniques
  • Spermatid selection and classification techniques
  • Novel ROSI procedure
  • Embryology laboratory standardization and optimization

**Training dates can be organized according to demand & up on request.

-Centrum Clinic IVF Hands On Programme


  • Trophectoderm biopsy
  • Thawing – freezing protocols
  • Sperm preparation and selection techniques+
  • Advanced sperm analysis techniques+
  • Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection+
  • Laboratory Quality Control
  • Embryo transfer+

Training programme should be scheduled at least 6 months prior to course. Number of participants will be announced following a specialized course request.